Xiaomi Plans to introduce First Electric Car in 2023

Apple is certainly not the only leading company rumoring to producing electric cars. Recently, Xiaomi’s intentions to manufacture First Electric Car in 2023 targeting the “mass market” have been reported. Any details of this strategy have never been announce officially, but Xiaomi will merge and manufacture EVs with an auto giant Great Wall plant in China. In 2023, Xiaomi’s first electric car model is expecting to come. According to the reports, both companies plan to announce the partnership as soon as early next week officially.

Xiaomi’s First Electric Car Model May Hit Market in 2023

It is very clear that Xiaomi jump in the same race with Apple gunning for the EV segment.  As it is one of China’s biggest mobile brands, it runs on small profit margins and can easily succeed in short-term challenges such as recent chip shortages. EVs will provide Xiaomi with a reliable revenue stream throughout the year.

Huawei, however, is said to be still targeting the automotive market, apart from just Apple. Baidu, a Chinese firm, has previously announced plans for making an EV with the help of Geely. Tech companies that dive into the automotive industry might now seem like novelties, but in a few years, they could be very common. Also, Read Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro Price, Specs, and Release date

In short, Xiaomi hopes it is possible to get more consumers and enthusiasts into considering their products by incorporating eco-friendly vehicles adding into its portfolio. The automotive sector, however, can only depend on brand loyalty and the requirements of the consumer.

Founder Lei Jun claims that the hardware design expertise of the firm would give it an advantage. In comparison to several of its competitors, Xiaomi produces many items that cover all categories, from smart TVs to rice cookers. He knows how to manufacture many devices and it would be definitely beneficial if you invest in the brand.

In the future, we may see huge competition between the big companies in the EVs segment.

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