World’s Longest Car Restored, Now Has A Swimming Pool And Helipad

The American Dream, deemed to be the world’s longest car, has now been restored to its prior glory. The car recently entered the Guinness World Records measuring at 30.54 meters. Guinness World Records posted a photo on its website and social media handles, giving a glimpse of the sheer size of the car.

The car, according to Guinness World Records, was built in 1986 in California’s Burbank by customiser Jay Ohrberg. In its previous years, the car measured 60 feet, rolled on 26 wheels, and was powered by a pair of V8 engines placed at the front and the back.

Following a few additional customization jobs, the car was extended by 30.5 meters. For reference, this car measures as much as six Honda City sedans, even after sparing some space.

“The American Dream” is based on 1976 Cadillac Eldorado limousines and can be driven from both ends, Guinness World Records added. It has been built in two sections and joined in the middle by a hinge for turning tight corners.

The long mammoth size also translates into utmost luxury. The car comes with a large waterbed, a swimming pool with a diving board, a jacuzzi, a bathtub, a mini-golf course, and a helipad. Yes, a helipad.

“The helipad is structurally mounted to the vehicle with steel brackets underneath and can hold up to five thousand pounds,” Michael Manning, who was involved in The American Dream’s restoration, told Guinness World Record.

With refrigerators, telephones, and several TV sets, the car can seat more than 75 people at a time. During its prime years, the car made appearances in many movies and was taken on rent. However, owing to its maintenance cost and parking issues, people lost interest before letting it rust. The Manning undertook the project of restoration after buying it on eBay.

The restoration job cost $250,000 in shipping, materials, and labor, and took three years to complete, according to Guinness World Records. However, not surprisingly, the car will not be hitting the road and will find its home at the Dezerland Park Car Museum’s collection of unique and classic cars.

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