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Whose picture is on 100 dollar note?

Whose picture is on 100 dollar note? Answer: Banjamin Franklin

Telenor Quiz Today 19 October 2022; Today’s Telenor Quiz Answers on 19 October 2022. My Telenor app quiz answers are found in this post. My Telenor App won Free MBs from Telenor. You can win Telenor Free MBs if you answer all questions correctly.

Telenor Quiz Answers Today 19 October 2022

Question 1: Whose picture is on 100 dollar note?

  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Banjamin Franklin
  • George Bush
  • Lincoln

Answer: Banjamin Franklin

Question 2: Which is the tallest building in the world?

  • burj al arab
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Tokyo Tower
  • Kindow Tower

Answer: Burj Khalifa

Question 3: How many planets are there in solor system?

  • 7
  • 8
  • 6
  • 5

Answer: 8

Question 4: The only source of Oxygen is _____?

  • Water
  • Air
  • Fire
  • Trees

Answer: Trees

Question 5: Who won the ICC champions trophy in 2017?

  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Sri Lanka

Answer: Pakistan

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