Who is Farah Khan the friend of Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi and where is She now?

Farah Khan, Farah Gujjar, and Farhat Shahzadi … are all names of the same woman who has been the subject of much discussion and discussion on social media in the past few days following allegations leveled by several opposition leaders and angry PTI members.

Farah Khan’s name first surfaced in 2018 after the marriage of Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi and later the formation of the PTI government. After that, he appeared most of the time with Khatool Awal Bushra Bibi. Farah also used to post pictures of herself and Bushra Bibi on her social media accounts.

Even during Imran Khan’s rule, the question was often raised by many quarters who is this Farah Khan?

There were frequent whispers in response to this question, but two days ago an angry PTI member and former provincial minister Aleem Khan mentioned Farah Khan’s name and leveled serious allegations against him, and according to Aleem Khan Imran Khan, Everyone knew about it.

Prior to Aleem Khan’s allegation, former Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar had also leveled similar allegations, while PML-N vice-president Maryam Nawaz also spoke of Farah Khan’s alleged interference in government affairs in the government.

Although Farah Khan has never offered any explanation or denial in this regard, former Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar has dismissed the allegations as baseless.

In a message on Twitter, Usman Bazdar said, “I strongly deny the fabricated allegations of Aleem Khan, Chaudhry Sarwar, and other opposition members and condemn the allegations without any evidence.” Appointments and transfers in Punjab are based on merit and rules and regulations.

Who is Farah Khan

Although no position has been taken by Farah Khan so far, on April 1, Prime Minister Imran Khan, in an interview on a private TV channel, said, “The opposition is not finding anything against me. They are talking against it and their friend Farah is running a character assassination campaign.

The Journalist contacted Farah Khan and sent him questions about the allegations made by the opposition and angry PTI members, but he did not respond.

Who is Farah Khan and where is he now?

Talking to Journalist, Farah Khan’s family sources claim that she is currently in Dubai while her husband Ahsan Jamil Gujjar has left for the US a few days ago.

It is to be noted that the name of Ahsan Jameel Gujjar also came to the fore in the year 2018 when a district police officer was exchanged in Pakpattan city of Punjab for alleged ill-treatment of the daughter of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s wife.

The then Chief Justice Saqib Nisar had taken suo moto notice of the matter, during which the police inquiry report revealed that Ahsan Jamil Gujjar, who is considered a close friend of the Punjab Chief Minister, had sent DPO Pakpattan Rizwan Gondal to the Chief Minister’s House. Bushra had called Bibi’s ex-husband Khawar Manika to his camp and asked him to apologize.

Farah Khan’s family sources say that Ahsan Jamil Gujjar often visits the United States because he had a liver transplant, after which he goes to the United States for a check-up after some time.

Talking further about Farah Khan, his in-laws said that Farah was married to Ahsan Gujjar who was already married in the 90s.

Ahsan Jameel Gujjar is the son of PML-N MPA Chaudhry Iqbal Gujjar.

Family sources told the Journalist that “Ahsan had taken Farah home to Lahore DHA and Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi were married in the same house.”

The wedding photo released by the PTI shows Aun Chaudhry, a member of the Jahangir Tareen group, and Zulfi Bukhari, as well as Farah Khan, showing their human closeness to the Journalist.

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Meeting with Ahsan Gujjar during the sale

Sources close to Farah Khan told the Journalist on condition of anonymity that Farah, who hails from a village near Sheikhupura, had jobs at various places in Lahore and at the same time met Ahsan Jamil Gujjar. And later he quit his job.

“Then we found out that Farah is married to Ahsan Gujjar.”

Another family source, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Journalist that Farah and Bushra Bibi were close to each other because of their affiliation with ‘Peri-Faqiri’, and in the Lahore social circle, Were seen together.

The statement of Bushra Bibi’s son on this issue is also circulating on social media in which he said that our family has nothing to do with any issue of Farah.

Who is Farah Khan

Farah Khan’s alleged influence

Farah Khan was mostly seen with Bushra Bibi but one impression is that Farah had access to all corners of Bani Gala.

This aspect can also be seen on Farah Khan’s social media account where she often took pictures in Bani Gala and uploaded them on her social media account.

Sources close to him said, “Even today if you go and see, there are police vehicles parked outside his house. Journalist Raees Ansari had recently visited Machhi village of Farah Khan on Sargodha Road.

He told the Journalist that Farah Khan belonged to a landed family of Sheikh Baradari, so it would be wrong to say that she belonged to a semi-middle class family and in a few months she became rich. As claims are being made on social media.

He added that the condition of his village was good with carpet roads, new power poles and transformers, hospitals, and all kinds of facilities. The people of Farah’s village also praised him and said that all these development works have been done by Farah Khan in the last year. While I saw that the surrounding villages and roads are in bad condition.

Speaking to the Journalist on condition of anonymity, a senior Punjab government official claimed that he had never seen Farah Khan at the Punjab Chief Minister’s House. If so, they would get instructions in this regard from Farah Khan.

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