What are the Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Breast Cancer?

If you are a mother and you have had Breast Cancer, you must get your daughter scanned and have an ultrasound because now there is a strong possibility that your daughter will also get cancer.

During a breast cancer awareness walk at Pimms Hospital in Islamabad, Dr. Ayesha Isani focused on convincing women to get tested or at least self-examined. Somewhere they don’t progress toward breast cancer.

We all hear and read about this cancer, and see advertisements, but there is a large number of people for whom the topic of breast cancer is taboo. They don’t like to see this ad, ignore the news related to it, and don’t listen to anything about it. This is the reason why the diagnosis of breast cancer at the first stage in Pakistan is less than 4%. And this is the reason why even today one in nine women in Pakistan is at risk of breast cancer.

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is now leading cancer among women. This disease was usually found in women aged 50 to 60 years, but now younger women are also suffering from this disease.

Breast cancer patients are not only found in underdeveloped and developing countries, but women in developed countries are also suffering from this disease at almost the same rate.

Dr. Ayesha, the head of the Breast Cancer Center in PIMS and who works to spread awareness about the diagnosis and treatment of this disease, says that when the tissues (tissues) of the ducts and lobules of the breast begin to develop abnormally. So this is the beginning of breast cancer.

“If you feel a lump in your breast due to abnormal growth, it could possibly be a sign of cancer,” she says. Similarly, if there is a dip in the groin or both or one breast is hard, these can also be possible signs. Also, if there is any kind of discharge other than milk from the nipple, it can also possibly be cancerous and there is an urgent need to get a test done at a hospital to confirm it.’

Dr. Ayesha says that even if all these symptoms are in the armpit, it can be breast cancer. While breast size, structure, or signs of one breast looking different from the other cannot be ignored. According to Dr. Ayesha, women should not ignore any minor breast changes and see a qualified doctor.

The disease is hereditary, meaning it can be passed from one generation to another. That’s why it is very important that mothers talk to their daughters about this dangerous disease and get them in the habit of regular check-ups.

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What are the different stages of breast cancer?

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer worldwide.

It has four different stages, the first two are largely treatable, but the third and fourth stages of the disease become more complicated.

Dr. Ayesha says that cancer is actually related to a genetic weakness of immunity against this disease. And that’s why if a mother has breast cancer, a daughter can too.

  1. In the first stage of breast cancer, a lump is formed in the breast, which is small in size and painful. Stage I determines that the cancer is now independently damaging tissue.
  2. In the second stage, the lump is not only large, but the roots also spread, it has entered the lymph nodes and is the size of a walnut or a lemon.
  3. After which it enters the third stage. In stage III, cancer has spread to at least nine of your lymph nodes in the neck and armpit area. It is now close to the outer skin of the chest.
  4. In the fourth and final stage, cancer has left the lymph nodes and has now spread to other areas around the breast. It has mostly reached the bones, lungs, liver, and brain. In this stage, according to medical experts, it becomes difficult to save the patient’s life.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Mammography is used to detect breast cancer before the lumps in the breast become large.

Mammography is an X-ray used to diagnose breast cancer that can detect lumps in the breast and prevent its spread. Regular screening is the most effective way for women to prevent death from breast cancer.

Free diagnosis of this disease is done in many medical centers in Pakistan. This free screening and mammography are for women over the age of 40. Apart from this, a biopsy facility is also available in these centers.

Women who are 50 years of age or older should have full annual screening. And along with them, those women who feel any kind of lump in their breast should immediately contact a qualified radiologist so that timely diagnosis can avoid the disease and its complications.

In young girls, the initial test is done by ultrasound. Ultrasounds are special sound waves that have a very high frequency and cannot be heard by the human ear. These can be used in the diagnosis of various diseases including all types of tumors.

Early or timely diagnosis of breast cancer is possible through ultrasound. Apart from this, the help of MRI scanning can also be taken.

How is it possible to prevent the disease?

According to medical experts, a major cause of breast cancer is the wrong lifestyle.

If the diet is not balanced, it can also cause cancer. Apart from this, a major cause is a stress and depression and lonely women are more prone to this disease.

Doctors say that women should breastfeed their infants instead of formula to protect themselves from breast cancer. At night, one should take off the bra (underwear) and sleep, wearing loose-fitting underwear made of white or skin-colored cotton.

What is the treatment for all four stages?

Breast cancer is usually treated by seeing its stages. Breast cancer is treated in the following ways around the world.

If breast cancer is in the first stage, the lump or lump is removed, through a procedure is called a lumpectomy.

If cancer has entered the second stage, then the size of this lump is also bigger. Lymphectomy is also done in such cases.

Most patients with stage I and II do not need chemotherapy, while there is a 90 to 95 percent chance that no lumps will form for at least five years.

While in the subsequent stages ie the third and fourth stages, breast cancer has become dangerous. In such cases, the only treatment is chemotherapy or the entire breast is removed from the body through surgery. Chemotherapy destroys cancer cells but has many side effects.

However, many patients do not need chemotherapy. To find out whether a patient needs chemotherapy or not, a test called Oncotype DX is done to find out how likely the breast cancer is to come back or how dangerous the cancer is. This expensive test costs at least three lakhs.

Symptoms don’t necessarily mean cancer

Breast cancer awareness organizations say that any change in the breast is important to be aware of and should be taken seriously. However, Jane Murphy of the British organization ‘Breast Cancer Care’ does not want people to become overly fearful.

She says that only women should be aware of their bodies. “You can also check yourself while applying cream or lotion.” According to Cancer Research UK, a symptom does not necessarily mean it is cancer.

Inverted nipples, nipple discharge, or redness can have various causes. But getting checked by a doctor soon gives you a chance of successful treatment.

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