What are the benefits of applying oil to the navel? You will be amazed to hear

The navel is a special gift from Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala. A 62-year-old man could not see well with his right eye – especially at night. The doctors told him that his eyesight was fine. The only problem is that the veins that supply blood to the eyes have dried up. According to science, God’s creation first becomes the navel in man – which is then connected to the mother through a card. And with that special gift that is seemingly a small thing – a whole person becomes a farm. Subhan Allah

The navel hole is an amazing thing

According to science, this part of the navel stays warm for up to three hours after the death of a human being – the reason for this is said to be that from here the baby gets food through the mother. The baby is fully formed in 270 days – in 9 months. This is because all our veins are connected to this place. It has a life of its own. The patch is located behind this hole in the navel – where there are about 72,000 veins.

Why put oil in the navel hole

Allah has placed this feature in the navel hole, If the veins in the body have dried up somewhere, So the oil can be delivered to them through the navel Which they reopen.

If there is pain in the abdomen of the child, mix the hang in water and oil and apply it around the navel. In a few minutes, by the grace of Allah, he will get relief. Some important tips to follow for a good Health

What are the benefits of applying oil to the navel


If the eye is dry – does not look right –
The address is not working properly, feet or lips are cracked, to brighten the face, to shine the hair, knee pain,  lethargy, joint pain, dry skin, etc

Treatment Method

Dry eyes – not looking good – For glowing skin and hair, apply three drops of pure desi ghee or coconut oil in the navel hole every night before going to bed and apply about one and a half-inch around the hole. To relieve knee pain, drip three drops of castor oil into the hole and apply it around as mentioned above. Use three drops of mustard oil as mentioned above to relieve shivering and lethargy and to relieve joint pain and dry skin.

To reduce stress

Onion water twenty grams.
Half an ounce of olive oil.
This problem is solved by burning it and by massaging the inside and outside of the navel, you will feel totally relaxed after following this method.

For the Ear Problems

The sound of sighing sighs in the ears –
Then grind two pieces of mustard oil in 50 grams of herbal seeds and apply it to the navel for 15 days the problem will be solved automatically.

For hearing power

To overcome hearing loss –
Grind cinnamon in 50 grams of mustard oil
Applying 20 grams of burnt oil to the navel improves hearing.


Mix 20 grams of kalonji oil with 50 grams of mustard oil, and apply it after heating and cooling it, it helps in controlling the stomach for two months.

There is a prescription for constipation

If olive oil is applied to the navel after bathing –
And the funny thing is that there are no allergies or colds.

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