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What are Cantonment Board Elections? and His Authorities

Nowadays, such questions come to everyone’s mind that what is a cantonment board election ?? Why is it needed and what is its structure? See the text below to understand the answers to all these questions.

The cantonment is the place where the Pakistani military is present and the cantonment is their kind of residence. The area where the cantonment is located is also called the cantonment area. You may have heard that in the Kent area This happened, this happened, etc. This cantonment area is inhabited by civilians as well as the military, and each cantonment has a specific boundary, as are the boundaries of a union council, to prevent this cantonment from being invaded.

Therefore, it has its own local government system and regular elections and only those who are residents of the respective Kent and registered in it can participate in the elections. This system has been in place for a long time. Only military personnel could participate in the elections and they were the ones who legislated but then a law was enacted and a magistrate was created for each Kent, another law was enacted in 1924 that the military At the same time, the people concerned can now take part in it.

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Structure of Cantonment Board

Now come to its structure, there are a total of 42 cantonment boards across the country including 19 in Punjab, 9 in KPK, 8 in Sindh, 3 in Balochistan, and 3 in Gilgit, and all these 42 boards were further divided into 212 wards. Have gone And they have about 2.1 million registered voters. All the boards work under the supervision of the Ministry of Defense. When the election is over, each board forms its own cabinet.


If the cantonment population is 1 lakh or more, it will have a president and he will be either a serving colonel or a brigadier, also called station commander, along with a health officer, maintenance engineer, Magistrates, 9 Seoul or military officers to be nominated by the station commander and 12 elected members. This cabinet will manage the relevant board.


These are the boards in which if the population is more than 50,000 and less than one lakh then it also has a president or station commander, a health officer, a maintenance engineer, a magistrate, 4 civil or military designated officers and 7 elected There are members, these cabinets run the administrative affairs of the relevant board.


A board with a population of less than 50,000 has a president or station commander, a health officer, a maintenance engineer, a magistrate, a nominated officer, and two elected members.

Authorities of Cantonment Board

Elected members have the following authorities,
1: Passing the cantonment budget.
2: Establishment of development plans for cantonment.
3: Enforcing and collecting taxes.
4: Implementing small rules-
5: Review the performance of the cantonment.

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