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Telenor Quiz Today 23 July 2022: Telenor App Answers Today 23 July

Telenor Quiz Today 23 July 2022; Today’s Telenor Quiz Answers on 23 July 2022. My Telenor app quiz answers are found in this post. My Telenor App won Free MBs from Telenor. You can win Telenor Free MBs if you answer all questions correctly.

Telenor Quiz Answers Today 23 July 2022


Question 1: Women in rural Sindh often wear

  • Lungi
  • Kurta
  • Ghagra Choli
  • Kameez Trouser

Answer: Ghagra Choli

Question 2: Which clothing is Sindh famous for internationally?

  • Shawls
  • Saari
  • Sindhi Airak
  • Choli

Answer:Sindhi Airak

Question 3: highway connects Punjab with Gilgit Baltistan all the way till Khunjrab Pass

  • Hazara
  • Hindu kush
  • Karakoram
  • Neelum

Answer: Karakoram

Question 4: Which of these are the famous hand-made South Asian shoes?

  • Pumps
  • Sandals
  • Kolhapuri Puri
  • Sneakers

Answer: Kolhapuri Puri

Question 5: What is the traditional hat worn by the women of Gilgit Baltistan called?

  • Balti Cap
  • hat
  • topi
  • Iraghi

Answer: Iraghi

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