Successful trial of a new weight loss Medicines and Exercise

The number of obese people around the world, including in Pakistan, has risen sharply, which is why so much research is being done to control it.

People try hard to lose weight but it is not easy, but now a new medicine can be helpful in this regard. People who use the drug manufactured by the American company Lily lose an average of 22.5% of their body weight.

The human body system is very complex and when the body needs energy it releases a hormone called ghrelin which makes us feel hungry. After eating, our body produces a small amount of this hormone and releases hormones that make us feel full.

But when people try to lose weight, the number of hormones that make them feel full decreases, and the amount of appetite-increasing hormones increases, which leads to constant hunger.

Lily’s new drug is based on the replication of the hormone terzepitide 2, which increases energy release and reduces food intake.

The results of the third phase of clinical trials on this drug were released in which its efficacy and safety were tested on more than two and a half thousand diabetic adults with a bodyweight of 105 kg.

People from 9 countries involved in the trial were given this drug or placebo on a weekly basis for 72 weeks. The results showed that the injectable drug reduced people’s body weight by 22.5% or 24 kg.

The company said in a statement that it was the first experimental drug to lose more than 20% of its body weight during the third phase of the trial. The use of this medicine may cause some side effects like vomiting, nausea, constipation, and cholera.

The company is currently conducting research on the drug and the results have not been published in any medical journal, but if further research results are positive, it will be available in the market in the coming years.

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