NADRA has developed a mobile app for creating identity cards online

For the first time in the world, thanks to the latest technology in Pakistan, the identity card program will be able to obtain live biometrics (fingerprints) on mobile as well as verification. Mobile fingerprint access is the beginning of a new era that could revolutionize many sectors of the economy. Chairman NADRA

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has inaugurated the world’s first state-of-the-art Pakistan Identity App developed in the IT Lab of National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA). Thanks to this app, Pakistan has become the first country in the world to introduce this technology, thanks to which citizens can make it at home with the help of smart mobile phones. Users can take not only fingerprints but also pictures and other documents can also be scanned and uploaded.

NADRA has developed a mobile application in an innovative and state-of-the-art online identity card creation program. The most important feature of the new mobile app is the ability to obtain biometric fingerprints through the existing mobile camera, which will eliminate the biggest difficulty faced by citizens in creating an identity card online.

Prime Minister Imran Khan appreciated the innovative idea of ​​NADRA Chairman Tariq Malik’s mobile app and said that NADRA Chairman Tariq Malik completed the development of the app in a very short time and made Pakistan the first country in the world to introduce this technology.

On the occasion, the Chairman NADRA paid homage to the software engineers of NADRA and said that all these efforts are an important step towards realizing the Digital Pakistan Vision of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. At the same time, it will revolutionize many sectors of the economy. Moreover, NADRA is playing its full role in the Prime Minister’s vision of a digital Pakistan and is working day and night to introduce such state-of-the-art facilities.

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Tariq Malik further said that the facility of obtaining biometrics on mobile phones introduced by NADRA will make it much easier for Pakistanis and citizens abroad to create identity cards online while the technology will be used in innumerable other sectors of the economy. I too can lead to revolutionary progress.

Chairman NADRA said that all the sectors which require biometric verification such as e-governance, e-commerce, various financial inclusion programs such as the Ehsas program, Successful Youth program, etc., can avail the full benefits of this facility. You can provide your identity information at home and complete all necessary procedures through biometric verification.

It is to be noted that NADRA is using state-of-the-art technology in its ID card program and the facility of fingerprint acquisition and verification through mobile phones for online ID card making has been introduced by any country in the world so far. ID not used in the program. Pakistan is the only country that has implemented innovative and unique technology in its identity card program, which will make it much easier for ordinary citizens, as well as businesses from various sectors of the economy and Great opportunities for growth and development, will also be created for companies.
This technology will open up innumerable avenues for secure business and growth for countless small and medium enterprises, start-ups, and tech companies. By taking advantage of this technology, you will be able to significantly reduce your business costs.

The use of this technology in the digital sector will not only enable talented Pakistani youth to introduce a myriad of new products, services, and facilities but will also boost the confidence of major online global organizations such as Amazon and PayPal to grow their business in Pakistan and Pakistani consumers will be inclined to provide their services and facilities.

This innovative mobile app will be linked to the NADRA Android users can download the App “PAK IDENTITY”  from the Play Store and iPhone users can download it from App Store.

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