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LG Rollable Smartphone leak Specs and Price in Pakistan

There were some reports about the LG Rollable smartphone, which claimed that the company could launch this phone in the first quarter of 2021. South Korean Publication has recently released a report about the launch of this smartphone. Apart from this, information about the device name and key specifications is also given in the report. According to the report, it can be launched in the smartphone market under the name of LG Rollable Smartphone. Tipster Tron has also shared key specifications and price information for this smartphone.

LG Rollable phone leak Specs

The report claimed that the LG Rollable smartphone will have a 6.8-inch rollable display, which can be expanded up to 7.4 inches. It seems that the company can provide different screen dimensions for different models. The LG Rollable phone offers a resolution of 1080 X 2428 pixels and a 20: 9 aspect ratio.

4,200mAh battery & Snapdragon 888 Processor

Talking about the productivity mode, the phone can get a resolution of 1600 X 2428 pixels and a 3: 2 aspect ratio. Snapdragon 888 processor can be given on the phone. This device can come with 16GB of RAM and a 4,200mAh battery. In addition, it has been told in the leak that LG Rollable phone can be launched in March next year. However, the report states that the launch date of the device can also be extended to June.

LG Rollable Smartphone leak Price

Talking about the price, the LG Rollable smartphone can be launched at a price of $2359 (about Rs. 377,700) in Pakistan. Apart from this, LG is also working on two other smartphones, which we may get to see early next year. One of these is being codenamed LG Rainbow, which can be launched with Snapdragon 888 processor. Also, This smartphone can be launched with stylus support, whose design may be inspired by LG Velvet. This smartphone can be launched in March 2021, while the LG Q83 will be a mid-range smartphone launched in the first half. This phone will have a unique rear camera and 5G support.

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