Invent a special device to use the internet with the help of brain signals

Young people in Saudi Arabia have taken the world by surprise by developing a special device to use the internet with the help of brain signals.

According to Arab media reports, the brain signaling device has been invented for people with disabilities who will also be able to use the internet and social media through brain signal.

According to the report, four Saudi youths invented a special device for the disabled to use the internet.

This device is like a helmet that will be worn on the head, people with complete disabilities will be able to use the Internet with brain signals.

The device was unveiled at an online conference in Saudi Arabia chair by Governor Asir Region Prince Turki bin Talal, with participants praising young people for this unique invention.

The device is capable of reading brain signals and uses the Internet-based on them. With the help of this device, people with complete disabilities can also use social media.

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