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How to send money through WhatsApp Pay service

Instant messaging app WhatsApp also now allows its users to make online payments. To send and receive money using WhatsApp Pay, you need to add your bank accounts, etc. To take advantage of this facility, learn how to set up an account from here.

The trend of online payment has increased in the Corona period. Nowadays people avoid going out of the house to buy goods. In such a situation, they do more and more online shopping and for this, they also have to pay online. Apart from this, when buying goods outside, people use online payment more instead of giving and receiving cash.

For this use Paytm, PhonePe, and Google Pay. Seeing the growing trend of online shopping and payments, in November last year, the instant messaging app WhatsApp also launched WhatsApp Pay for Android and iOS users. Now users can also pay using WhatsApp.

If you do not know anything about this service and how to use it, then we have told you everything about WhatsApp Pay here.

What is WhatsApp Payment?

It is important for you to know what is WhatsApp Payment. Let us tell you that this is also like other payment apps Phone Pay, PhonePe, and Amazon Pay. WhatsApp Pay service also runs using UPI. This means users can link their compatible bank accounts with WhatsApp Pay and start transferring money. This service supports many banks like HDFC, ICICI, State Bank of India, Axis Bank, and Airtel Payments Bank.

How to set up a WhatsApp Pay account?

Before setting up a WhatsApp Pay account, know that to take advantage of this facility, you must have an active account with any Indian bank, which supports UPI (Unified Payments Interface). Also, you also have to note that the mobile number registered with the bank account should be active in your smartphone in which you are going to set up this. The smartphone should have the latest version of WhatsApp. Follow the steps given below to add an account on WhatsApp Pay.

  1. For this, you have to first open WhatsApp.
  2. After that click on the three dots on the top right side. Now here you will get the option of Add Payments Method. Click on it.
  3. Now WhatsApp shows you how many users are using WhatsApp Pay. Then click on Continue to proceed.
  4. Now you will get such a message. It will explain how this service works. Read the company’s terms and conditions here. After that click on Accept and Continue.
  5. Now a list of banks will appear on the screen. Select the bank in which you have your account.
  6. You will need to verify that the account is yours. You will get a message about this. You have to give permission to the app for this.
  7. If more than one account of the same bank is registered with the same number, then the list of all the accounts will appear in front of you.
  8. Now select the account which you want to add to WhatsApp Pay.
  9. To send money, you have to enter the last six-digit number and expiry date of the debit card. Then UPI PIN has to be set. Now you will be able to use this service.

The way you send a photo to any of your contacts. Similarly, you can send money by clicking on the payment option there.

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