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How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently?

Luckily you have the option to permanently delete your Facebook account. We are here to tell you how you can delete your Facebook account.

No matter how much the craze of Twitter and Snapchat has increased, Facebook is still the biggest social media platform of the moment. Its monthly active user count is 2.8 billion or 280 million. But Facebook’s name has become very bad in terms of privacy and user security. Apart from privacy concerns, you can have many reasons to delete Facebook.

How to delete your Facebook account?

The biggest difference between deleting and de-activating an account is that your account cannot be reactivated after it is deleted. All photos, videos, or posts lying on your account will be deleted. Because of this, you should delete the account only when you have made up your mind. Follow the steps given below to delete the account:

  1. Go to Settings & Privacy on Facebook
  2. Then click on Settings
  3. Now click on Your Facebook information
  4. Here you will get the option of Deactivation and Deletion
  5. Click on it and click on Permanently Delete Account
  6. Now a confirmation will come in front of you
  7. Click here by clicking on Continue to Account Deletion option
  8. Facebook will ask you the reason for deleting the account, proceed with the reason
  9. In the next slide, the company will show all your data which will be deleted on deleting the account
  10. Click on Delete Account and continue by entering your password

Facebook usually takes 90 days to delete an account. Meanwhile, the company also gives you a grace period of 30 days. If you change your mind within 30 days, you can restart your account. To do this you just need to log in to your account. The account cannot be returned after 30 days.

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