How many hours of sleep a night is necessary for health? Scientists have Discovered

Sleep is very important in life but the question is how many hours a person should sleep at night?

So the answer is that sleep duration should be neither too short nor too long, at least in middle age and old age.

A new study has found that 7 hours of sleep is an ideal period for a good night’s rest, while insufficient and excessive sleep can have negative effects on the ability to focus, remember, learn new things, solve problems and make decisions. Are

The study by Fudan University in China found that 7 hours of sleep also improves the mental health of people who are experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety. In contrast, people who are accustomed to sleeping more or less often report worse symptoms.

Jianfeng Feng, a professor at Fudan University who is part of the research team, said that although we cannot say for sure that too little or too much sleep is a cause of mental illness, our analysis does indicate that.

The study analyzed data from around 500,000 people between the ages of 38 and 73 who were part of UK Biobank’s long-term medical research. They were asked about their sleep habits, mental health, and personality, and were subjected to various mental tests. Also, Read Some important tips to follow for good health.

Brain scans were also performed on 48,500 people and all the data helped to determine the extent to which sleep duration affects various aspects of mental health.

Research has shown a link between sleep and mental health problems for more or less time, but the cause and effect have not been highlighted.

The researchers said that the results indicate that sleep is very important for us and 7 hours of continuous sleep is ideal for health. He said that a good night’s sleep is important for all ages but it increases with age.

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