History of the World popular App “WhatsApp” and its Inventor

The app has already given people around the world the opportunity to chat for free. His inventor, Jane Kom, was so distant from her father that she could not even talk on the phone that’s why she thought about such an app that everyone talks freely with each other.

Jane Kom was born into a poor Jewish family in Ukraine. There was no electricity or gas in the house. These people were forced to sleep with the sheep in winter. When attacks on Jews began in 1992, the mother decided to relocate, but the father refused to leave. The mother held her son’s hand and they both came to America. They had a house in California and nothing to eat. In the United States, the government gives food stamps to the poorest people to buy food. These stamps are charitable. These people were so poor that they were forced to take alms to save their lives.

Jane Kom started reading. With the passage of time, reading also became more expensive. Food stamps made life difficult. Jane Kom found a part-time job and found a job as a scavenger in a grocery store. He continued to do this for many years. It was very difficult to talk to his father on the phone in such poverty. At the age of eighteen, he became obsessed with computer programming. This hobby took him to San Jose State University. In 1997, he joined Yahoo! Also, Read How to send money through the WhatsApp Pay service

Facebook came in 2004 and became the world’s largest company in 2007. Jane Kom applied to Facebook but Facebook did not see any potential in it. And did not give him a job. He stayed at Yahoo for two more years. In the meantime, he collected a small amount of money and bought an iPhone. This iPhone shaped its future.

One day while using the phone, Jane Kom thought, why don’t I create an application that can be an alternative to the phone, send SMS, send photos and documents, and even “hack” it? Could not be. He shared the idea with a friend, Brian Acton. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. Even managed to create a magical application in two years. This “app” was launched in February 2009 and it connected the whole world.

This application is called “WhatsApp”. One billion people around the world are currently using this app. You can download WhatsApp and go to any corner of the world, you will not need to buy a new phone and new number and you will be in touch with the whole world.

Jane Kom was turned into a billionaire by WhatsApp in a few months. The application was so successful that companies around the world began bidding for it, but it refused. In February 2014, Facebook joined the race to purchase “WhatsApp”. He laughed when contacted by Facebook management. He thanked God and said with a laugh, “This is the company that refused to hire me in 2007.” Laughing, he said yes to Facebook. The deal was worth 19 billion Dollars. Estimate how much this amount is from the fact that Pakistan’s total foreign exchange reserves are around 20 billion Dollars.

The only condition Jane Kom made in the deal with Facebook was that I would sit in the waiting room of the food stamping company and sign the agreement. This condition was strange for Facebook. These people wanted to do the contract in their office or his office. But Facebook had to accept its stubbornness. Date set, Facebook arrives at the welfare center.

She was sitting on the last chair in the last corner of the waiting room, crying. Why didn’t he cry, this was the center where he and his mother would sit for hours on this last chair and wait for hours for “food stamps”.
Both of them came here many times hungry and stayed here till evening hungry and thirsty. Sitting in the waiting room was painful but even more painful was the woman sitting in the window. Every time the woman looked at him with disgust, smiled sarcastically, and asked, “How long will you people continue to take alms, why don’t you work?” “It simply came to their notice then. They were silent.

The woman would give them a “slip”, the mother would sign the paper and they would go back wiping their eyes. He went through this process for years, so when he got success, he decided to celebrate the biggest success of his life in this waiting room. He signed a 19 19 billion deal sitting among people waiting for “food stamps”. Took the check and went straight to the counter. Women giving food stamps
Was still there today. Jane waved a 19 billion Dollars check in front of him and laughed
“I got a job.”
And got out of the center.
It is a unique story of the determination of a poor countryman who proves that if you persevere, keep working hard, success will finally follow in your footsteps. There is also a lesson that those who make things easier for people will be rewarded.

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