Hands ready to feel ‘Girlfriend’ to overcome Loneliness

Scientists have now come up with a solution to the loneliness of lonely people and have come up with a unique invention that will not make them feel lonely. Hands ready to feel ‘Girlfriend’ to overcome Loneliness.

Scientists at Gigo University in Japan have recently developed a device that will give a lonely man the feeling of holding his girlfriend’s hand.

The device is called ‘My Girlfriend in Walk’ which is a modern robotic hand and its design is such that if you hold this hand it will give the feeling of a real hand.
Scientists have created this robotic hand with a soft gel that makes it feel like human skin with very small holes in it so that you can add the scent of your choice.

On the other hand, this robotic hand also has a built-in pressure sensor under which the force with which you hold the hand, this hand will hold your hand with the same force.

This robotic hand also has a rail attached to it so that when you walk holding this robotic hand, this hand will move like a human hand.

Hands ready to feel ‘Girlfriend’¬† Keep in mind that these devices are currently being tested, while the scientists who made this device claim that this hand will be helpful for people suffering from loneliness.

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