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Google, the World’s most Popular search engine, has made an important decision

Google, the world’s most popular search engine, has decided to ban the sale of ads based on a user’s web browsing history. The company has decided not to develop tools that track user data in all of its products in the future. Also announced.

Google’s move will make it impossible for websites and advertising companies to track user data. Doing so will completely change the business of advertising in web browsing. Keep in mind that most of Google’s revenue is based on browsing data.

According to David Timkin, product managing director of Google’s ad privacy and trust team, plans are being made to use privacy-protecting APIs, such as the Federated Learning of Cohorts API (FLOC). Will also be used to supply. The solution will depend on groups of cleaners with similar priorities.

Google plans to test FLOC-based AIPs on Chrome Browser in March, and later on Google Adsense. Chrome users will also be able to access the new privacy controls in April.

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