Free Fire Best Guns: 5 Explosive Guns Available Until November 2021

Top 5 Best Guns in Free Fire: We are going to tell in this article the list of the best guns for short, long, and mid-range fights in the free fire. The damage, speed, and ability of these guns are very good. Let us tell you about all these weapons.

Free Fire is a popular battle royale game. The in-game items of this game are very much liked by the users but if you want to win the game then you will need a good gun. There are many shotguns, assault rifles, SMGs available in Free Fire. Some guns are very beneficial for players, while some are not so much. Let us tell you about some of the best Free Fire Guns.


AWM Free Fire has a bolt-action sniper rifle. This gun has impressive damage power and can destroy enemies with a single shot. It has an average damage potential of 90 hit points with incredible speed. Players can easily eliminate their enemies by using this gun in long-range battles.


Groza is also a weapon using which gamers can easily annihilate their enemies. It is considered the most dangerous weapon for close-range battles in this game. Gamers can use this gun to take down enemies in 3-4 hits. By using this gun, gamers can take great advantage even in the midrange.


This is one of the best shotguns. The damage of this gun is maximum in every hit. This gun also comes with a great armor penetration, which gamers can also improve with good characters. This weapon has two shots per round with no room for any additional attachments. This gun should be used only at short-range. This gun can also take down two enemies in one shot.


AK is the most commonly used assault rifle in Free Fire. It can be found through open loot. The fire rate of this gun is very good and it can kill enemies in all range battles. Gamers can use the AK for close and mid-range combat to get easy kills. Also, Read M1014 Green Flame Draco Gun Skin Coming Back to Free Fire.


The name of the last gun on our list is M1873. This is a pistol best suited for one-tap shots in a free fire. It has a base damage of 94 hit points, which is capable of killing enemies instantly. This gun comes with an effective speed of 75.

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