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Follow these tips to keep the smartphone secure

To keep smartphones safe, people should take care of many things. Sometimes you make such a mistake, due to which you suffer a lot. Here are some tips to secure the phone.

Nowadays most people use smartphones. In this, many features are given for security, from the fingerprint sensor to face unlock. These days people use smartphones not only to communicate but also to do online shopping and online payments. This is the reason why they have to take great care of their phone. If a smartphone falls into the wrong hands, people can do a lot of damage in a few minutes.

To keep the phone more secure, people also keep different locks in the apps present in it so that no other person can get their photo or chat. At the same time, many people do not pay attention to these things and become victims of hackers. Here are some tips to keep your smartphone more secure.

Some tips to Keep smartphones safe

Always keep the phone locked

The easiest way to protect your Smartphone is to lock it. The locking feature is given in all smartphones. If your phone does not have a fingerprint sensor or face unlock feature, then you can also lock the phone using a PIN or pattern. With this, if your phone is lost or someone steals it, then it will take some time to unlock the phone. Till then you will be able to block your bank account.

Use anti-virus software

Using anti-virus software will allow you to fix security issues on your Android phone. This will help detect malware or bugs in your phone. Some antivirus software you can consider is Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus and Norton Mobile Security. This will make your phone secure.

Download app from trusted sources

Download many apps for different tasks on the phone. While doing this, people should keep in mind that they should download the app only from trusted sources like Google Play Store. You should avoid downloading apps from third-party websites and app stores. Due to this hackers are not able to access your personal details through the app. When downloading songs or anything else along with the app, remember that the website is well-known and trusted.

Do not save the password

Sometimes people save the password to their device to log in quickly so that they enter the ID and do not read them to enter the password. However, this should not be done. With this, anyone will be able to log in through your device without knowing your password. For this reason, take care of all the things mentioned here and keep your smartphone secure.

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