Faisal Vawda Press Conference about Arshad Sharif and Long March

Faisal Vawda Press Conference: Leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Faisal Vawda says that Arshad Sharif’s death is a murder, which was plotted in Pakistan. Many bodies are going to fall in the coming days under the guise of March.

While giving a press conference in Islamabad, Faisal Vawda said that conspirators threatened Arshad Sharif and forced him to leave the country. It is not true that Arshad Sharif was forced out of Dubai. I think Arshad Sharif’s death is not an accident. Yes, I think Arshad was killed from inside the car, he was hit by only two shots, the two shots that hit Arshad Sharif on the chest and head were not fired from long range, and the two shots that hit were fired at close range.

The leader of Tehreek-e-Insaf said that the death of Arshad Sharif was a murder, which was plotted in Pakistan, Arshad Sharif’s mobile phone and laptop will not be found, and the evidence has been erased, it was said that Arshad Sharif went to London, but He did not go to London, those people are behind Kenya’s election for Arshad Sharif, who want to break the country. If my chairman tells me something, I will believe it 99%. I was doing.

He said that the peaceful march that Imran Khan is going to do is our democratic right, blood is blood in the long march, funerals are only funerals, and the game of dead bodies and blood should be stopped in this country. There was a conspiracy behind it, conspirators against Pakistan are present in Pakistan and are internationally connected, a conspiracy is being hatched under the guise of the Long March narrative, and imported personalities and many bodies are going to fall in the coming days under the guise of the march. Say yes but don’t die an innocent death for someone else, I see a lot of blood flowing in the guise of peaceful protest.

He said that I was in touch with Arshad Sharif till the last day, I am ready for mobile phone forensics, and Arshad Sharif was not in any danger from anywhere in Pakistan, Arshad Sharif had a positive relationship with the establishment, I recorded the video. Names have been made up, the names of the people mentioned in the video, if something happens to me, those people will not be saved either.

Recorded video with names of those involved

The PTI leader said that he won’t name the people involved in the crime. “I have made a video and have given the names of those people. I have given those names internationally. I have given millions of dollars. I have a clear message, if I am shot and killed then you’ll be killed too.”

He maintained that Sharif was “chosen to be killed in Kenya by those who want to break the country.”

Vawda also claimed that he was constantly in contact with the journalist till the very last day, adding that he is ready to hand over his phone for forensics to verify the authenticity of his statement.

“Conspirators” blackmailed and threatened Sharif to leave Pakistan, so he went to Dubai, he said. “Later, it was claimed that either the establishment or some unknown institutions pressurized him and asked him to leave Dubai, but this information is false. I will give you details of it later.”

The PTI leader said that Sharif completed his stay in Dubai until the expiry of his visa and later, it was reported that he went to London. “However, he did not go to London either.”

Informed Imran Khan about the conspirator

Vawda said that a person was “conspiring” against Sharif and he has informed PTI Chairman Imran Khan about this “conspirator”.

Sharif was an honest person, “but the conspiracy that he was informed about had another conspiracy behind it”.

He said that a common man could not send Sharif to Kenya from Dubai. “These are the people who wish to see instability and chaos in the country. This wasn’t a plain death. It was a cold-blooded murder.”

Vawda stated that he is ready to share evidence with the Military Intelligence and Inter-Services Intelligence, adding that he would share further details related to Sharif’s murder in the coming days.

Claiming that neither the establishment nor any politician was involved in this, he said that the current establishment would be “very foolish if it would have planned something.”

The PTI leader said that the journalist was in contact with the establishment and he was ready to come back to the country, but some people were feeding him a “conspiracy”.

Vawda said that when Sharif was ready to come back to Pakistan, the “conspirators” thought that it was better to have him killed as his presence would lead to several truths being unfolded.

“You might ask how would I know such things? Well, I was in contact with Sharif until the very last moment and I am ready to hand over my phone for forensic analysis to any global agency,” the ex-minister said.

Vawda said that the players behind the “conspiracy” were in Pakistan, adding that Sharif had a positive relationship with the establishment “and I was a part of these conversations.”

The PTI leader said the people behind this “conspiracy” were not far from his reach.

Deaths will take place in long March

The former minister said that the long march set to kick start from Lahore on October 28 (Friday) would witness bloodshed, death, and funerals.

“These funerals will definitely be held, but I will try until my dying breath to save my Pakistanis from sacrificing their lives for a conspiracy hatched by some people. I will try to end this politics of death and bloodshed in this country.”

Vawda said that “important and common” people’s deaths will take place in the long march, adding that there were “ulterior motives” behind the march to Islamabad.

He said that several deaths will take place before and during the long march as the motive is to “divert the attention” so that the nation “would start seeing things in black as white”.

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