Events and Obligations from 1 Hijri to 10 Hijri

ETA repeats repeatedly in the NTS test (Important Islamic information)
Events and obligations from 1 AH to 10 AH:

1 Hijri

  • غزوہ ودان / غزوہ ابواء
  • Adhan for the first time
  • Friday Sermon

2 Hijri

  • غزوہ بدر
  • Ruling on Jihad
  • Zakat is obligatory
  • Fasting is obligatory
  • Ruling on Eid prayers
  • Ruling on changing the qiblah

3 Hijri

  • غزوہ احد
  • Ruling on the rights of orphans and heirs
  • Wudhu, tayammum

4 Hijri

  • غزوہ رجیح
  • Prohibition of alcohol

5 Hijri

  • Battle of the Trench / Battle of the Parties
  • Ruling on punishment for adultery
  • The order of the curtain

6 Hijri

  • صلح حدیبیہ
  • Beit Rizwan

7 Hijri

  • Battle of Death (First Non-Arab War)
  • A series of letters

8 Hijri

  • غزوہ حنین
  • Conquest of Makkah
  • Prohibition of interest

9 Hijri

  • Battle of Tabuk (Last Battle)
  • Ruling on Hajj

10 Hijri

  • حجۃ الوداع
  • The first Hajj of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

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