Election of Chief Minister Punjab: What is the Current Position of seats in the Punjab Assembly

At this time every Pakistani specially Panjab has a concentration on the Election of Chief Minister Punjab. The Lahore High court ordered the recounting of the votes of the Punjab chief minister’s election excluding the votes of 25 PTI dissidents, Now, If PTI gets five reserved seats in the Punjab Assembly, what will be the party’s position?

On April 16, 2022, Hamza Shahbaz got 197 votes in the House of 371 to become the Chief Minister. ۔
At present, the ruling party PML-N has 165 seats, the PPP has seven, the Azad has three and the Rah-e-Haq Party has one vote, after which the ruling coalition has 176 votes.

With the de-seating of 25 deviant members, PTI’s Punjab Assembly members are reduced to 158, PTI’s 158, PML-Q’s 10 members together form 168 opposition MPAs.

Even if PTI gets 5 reserved seats, the number of opposition alliances becomes 173 and even after getting reserved seats, the ruling coalition will have a lead of 3 votes over the opposition alliance.

In the House of 371, 186 votes were required to elect the Chief Minister.

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Attaullah Tarar News conference After the LHC Ordered

Speaking to the media after the hearing, PML-N leader Attaullah Tarar said that PML-N is happy and content because it has the required numbers. He said that PML-N has 177 votes and that means a majority of nine votes even if the dissidents’ votes are not counted.

The politician said that PTI is unable to understand what the verdict states “in English”.

He said that the SC in its verdict presidential reference seeking the interpretation of Article 163(A) stated that the votes against the party policy will not be counted.

“The court neither nullified the election nor ordered re-election therefore Hamza Shahbaz will remain the chief minister,” Tarar said, adding that this is a positive decision and the party accepts it. He said that his party believes that they will win this run of the election as well.

Tarar said that it will be a violation of the court’s order if anyone tries to harm the peace in the Punjab Assembly.

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