Approval of the first medicine to treat baldness

The first drug to treat Alzheimer’s disease, which causes baldness, has been approved in the United States.

A drug called Baricitinib has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

This medicine will be helpful for patients who are suffering from baldness as a result of an autoimmune disease.
In autoimmune diseases, the body’s cells attack the hair follicles, causing hair to fly from different parts of the head.

This new drug inhibits specific enzymes that are part of this process that causes baldness.

The drug was developed by the American company Eli Lilly and its results during the clinical trials were very encouraging.

During clinical trials, the hair of many bald people began to grow again as a result of Alp Pisa.

During the trials, some side effects of the drug, including respiratory diseases, high cholesterol, headaches, and acne, were discovered, but researchers found the drug to be safe and effective.

This medicine should be taken once a day.

It is estimated that 6.5 million people are affected by Allop Pisa in the United States alone and the number of its patients worldwide is in the millions, but now for the first time, medicine has been approved for its treatment.

According to a statement issued by the FDA, access to safe and effective treatment is important and the approval of this drug will significantly help in the treatment of Allsop Pisa patients.

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