An easy way to prevent diseases like Heart disease and Diabetes

Heart disease and second Diabetes cause millions of deaths worldwide each year, but they are easy to prevent and in your own hands. Just make it a habit to spend the day walking instead of sitting around.

Research from the University of Torquay in Finland found that people with type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease had a higher risk of developing a physically active and poor diet.

The study looked at the effects of sitting on the body for less time throughout the day. For this purpose, the study included people who were accustomed to sitting longer and had a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Also, Read Successful trial of a new weight loss Medicines and Exercise

These individuals were divided into two groups, one group was asked to reduce the sitting time by one hour throughout the day while the other group was asked to continue the routine as in the past.

After a three-month follow-up, it was discovered that those who were asked to reduce their sitting time by one hour a day had increased their mild to moderate physical activity. During this time they experienced improvements in blood sugar levels, insulin sensitivity, and liver health.

Researchers say that if exercise is not possible, then reducing sitting time and increasing light physical activity can also improve health and make it easier to gradually get into the habit of exercising.

He said that this method is better for those who can increase the duration of light physical activity in their lifestyle, but it is not possible to completely protect themselves from diabetes and heart disease.

He said that reducing the sitting time may slow down the process of suffering from these diseases but more benefit can be gained only if the intensity or duration of physical activity is significantly increased.

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